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Big spaces and small towns in West Texas.

Shoot ‘em up!

What is the Big Bend?

Well, it’s in the southern part of west Texas, but some parts of Texas are more west and some are more south. Our southern border is the Rio Grande, but the other borders vary, depending on who you’re arguing with.

Simply put, it’s the Old West, Texas-style. When you see it, you’ll know it, from movies, to paintings, to legends and lies.

If you’ve got a small town story or you need the great outdoors, we have the place to shoot it, and we’re here to help you find the right spots.

We’re just getting started, so feel free to look around, but come back after we’ve posted more information and photographs.


Breach Productions – Producers Emily Pullen & Jenna Covarrubias


“Silverfish” – Director: Matthew Thornton


“Redbud” – Producer/Director: Parker Scott Dunagan

“Marfa Girl 2″ – Director: Larry Clark

“Results” – Director: Andrew Bujalski

Richard Linklater filmed “Boyhood” scenes at Sul Ross University

Warm Springs Productions for The History Channel’s No Man’s Land


Client: Lincoln – Star: Mathew McConaughey – Agency: Hudson Rouge

Client: Staton Wholesale – Studio: C3 Premedia Solutions – Photographer: Matt Hawthorne



This website is a service of the official Big Bend Film Commission.
Contact: John Green Tel. (432) 386-3823
701 E. Sul Ross Ave., Alpine TX 79831
Terms & Conditions